Company Profile

NIVANSH AGRITECH is one of the fastest Growing Crop Genetics Research and Hybrid Seeds Company having presence in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Haryana. Company has committed qualified & experienced Management and a Team of hard working staff members to cater to the widest range of products to the Farmers in India. We work cohesively with our Seed Producers, Suppliers, Distributors, Dealers and Farmers building strong relationship based on tolerance, understanding, mutual trust and cooperation. Our product range consists of different high yielding seed varieties in cereals, oil seeds, Pulses, vegetables, Spices and Forages.

Mission: Nivansh Agritech is working all the time with the same goal that farmers can get high quality seeds at affordable prices.

Vision: Nivansh Agritech has been striving to produce seeds from a new method according to the development of Indian farming, empowerment of farmers and change of environment for some time.